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Linda Anne Curtis     914-420-2438                                                    Linda@CurtisCareManagement.com

     Caring for an aging parent or loved one is not an easy job.  At some point in time most of us will face this herculean task in our lifetime.  There is so much to do, so much to know - it can be very, very overwhelming.    This becomes particulaly stressful if Mom lives in New York and you live in California.  A Geriatric Care Manager can help give you some peace of mind during this stressful time. 

    A Care Manager is a professional  with extensive knowledge and

training in aging and community services.  A good care manager

knows how to access and advocate for needed services and benefits

for your loved one.  They are your eyes and ears watching over your loved one.  


     Whether your loved one wants to stay in their home or may require a higher level of care - a care manager will get what they need,  when they need it.  Most people can stay in their homes and studies have proven that we age more successfully in our own homes- I will work tirelessly to make it happen. 

     Call or email me for a free phone consultation.