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Helping seniors and their families

We are Medicaid Application Specialists! 

Serving Hudson Valley Region


     Caring for an aging parent or loved one is not an easy job.  At some point in time most of us will face this herculean task in our lifetime.  There is so much to do, so much to know - it can be very, very overwhelming.    This becomes particulaly stressful if Mom lives in New York and you live in California.  A Geriatric Care Manager can help give you some peace of mind during this stressful time.  

    A Care Manager is a professional  with extensive knowledge and training in aging and community services.  A good care manager knows how to access and advocate for needed services and benefits for your loved one.  They are your eyes and ears watching over your loved one.  

Linda A Curtis, Geriatric Care Manager

     Whether your loved one wants to stay in their home or may require a higher level of care - a care manager will get what they need,  when they need it.  Most people can stay in their homes and studies have proven that we age more successfully in our own homes - I will work tirelessly to make it happen. 

 Call or email me for a free phone consultation. 

My Care Manager” – see what clients love about working with an Aging Life Care manager.

Client Services

Each family and situation is unique. Therefore  our care plans are different for each family and client.  Some of our clients may need help with  a Medicaid application,  another may just need some help with referrals to community services while others may need our more comprehensive care management. What ever your need is we are here to serve you. 

Medicaid Application Support

Draconian cuts to Community Medicaid Long Term Care  have been made to this program over the last several years.  However the long feared  2.5 year financial look back has not yet been implemented.  it may be implemented after March 31, 2025.     This is your chance to apply now without worrying about the "financial look back" and other cuts.  We can help.  Call or email us!!


New York State’s Medicaid Long Term Care for community based elderly has been a highly effective program that has enabled many seniors to stay in their homes.  However with cuts to the budget announced on March 31, 2020 funds to these programs have been severely cut back.  The bottom line - many elderly who would have been eligible for this program will no longer be eligible.    The impact on the elderly and their families will be devastating.  


Home Care

Home health aides, transportation..

Caregiver Supports

Support Groups, educational trainings...

Medical Services

Liaison & advocate with doctors, hospitals...



Health care proxy,   power of attorney...  


Short term counseling, crisis intervention...


Senior housing,    assisted living...



Meals on Wheels, Adult  & Social Day Care...



 Medicare,  Medicaid, Long Term Care...


&Safety Concerns

Safety and environmental assessments & modifications 



& Spiritual

         The things we             love to do 

  • Licensed Master's Level of Social Worker in New York State (NYSED)

  • Aging & Life Care Professional® with A.L.C.A.®

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Aging & Mental Health (Adelphi Univ)

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Aging & Developmental Disabilities (Hunter) College/Mt. Sinai-Brookdale Center)

  • Certified Dementia Care Specialist (Evergreen Certifications) 

  • Master's Degree in Social Work (Fordham University) 

  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology & Psychology (Mercy College)


Master's degree, credentialing
Satisfied customer


"You rock.... I'm singing your praises...  we got the PRI  done - thank you for making all the arrangements! I so appreciate all of your help- you are awesome!" 


2-19-19 Text message from client's daughter

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