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The American Nursing Home Is a Design Failure

"The American Nursing Home Is a Design Failure" is the title of a article in "New York" this week. Design Failure? At a minimum the entire system is a colossal failure. At the worst it has become a return to mass institutionalisation of a frail and elderly population without a voice. Anybody remember Willowbrook? In a health care system where the bottom dollar reigns supreme compassion and caring appears non-existent. Justin Davidson says in his article that there is an "eagerness to sacrifice the elderly on the altar of the economy" He is correct. There are much better ways to help the elderly who need help, like keeping them in the communities they have lived their entire lives. And by offering other alternatives where they "nurture, sustain and protect..." the elderly that live in those communities. "The Green House Nursing Home" is such an alternative.

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