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Senior Driving Safety

older drivers
Senior driving safety

Concern about one's elderly parent still driving at age 90+ is a big concern for many families. Now there are certainly folks over 90 who can and still drive safely. However this is not true for everyone, especially someone exhibiting some memory loss or dementia, This is especially difficult when a senior is in total denial of their inability to drive safely. Arguments and fights are non uncommon. Sons and daughters resort to desperate measures at times, I've seen batteries, keys and even the car itself vanish - the outcome of which is a very unhappy senior.

Holding a conversation to give up driving is the first step - even with someone with dementia - many people in the early stage of dementia can still be reasoned with. If they won't listen to reason or the pleas of their children sometimes a doctor will be listened to when they won't listen to anyone else. Doctors in New York State also can inform the Department of Motor Vehicles that someone should have their license taken away

Don't forget that most car insurances off discounts for taking a driver safety course which can certainly help if someone is not already a menace on the road.

Many hospitals and medical centers offer driving testing for seniors. These involve a two step assessment with a interview first and then if safe a test drive.

New York State has a great website with tons of information about older drivers with lots of resources.

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