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Radical Solution to Caregiver Fatigue

Caregiving for a aging or disabled loved one is exhausting work. Sometimes a radical solution feels like the only solution. Based on her own experience as a caregiver Elaine K Sanchez provides supports, wisdom and humor to fellow caregivers. Although caregiving is not a very funny experience Elaine shows how humor can give a very dark day a little bit of sunshine.

Another caregiver turned comedian is Michelle Williams O'Donnell. "When life handed an ex-journalist lemons, she made lemonade, added a whole lot of vodka, then wrote about her husband's dementia." When her beloved husband Martin was diagnosed with dementia in 2014 Michelle created the "Dementia Dame" Facebook page. For the next several years she wrote about her experience of caregiver for her husband as he declined further into dementia. Her writing was a soulful heart touching journey filled with some very funny moments. It was her humor that helped her maintain her sanity during those most painful years.

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