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Protect Against Medicare Fraud

Scam artists are doing quite well for themselves during the pandemic. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be - these are the low lives of our society. They prey on the most vulnerable citizens because they are easy "marks". And during these frightening times people are scared and lonely and can easily get snookered in by fraud artists. Many scams today are directed at the elderly who are on Medicare.

Scammers will call seniors and tell them they can get free equipment through Medicare if you tell them your Medicare or credit card information. They are lying and just trying to get your financial information.

One of the latest scams are calls to tell you will be receiving a new chip card to replace your paper ID card. If somebody tells you that, they're lying. It's the latest Medicare scam.

The "Senior Medicare Patrol" who's sole function is to warn seniors about fraud and scams has posted a helpful video.

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