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Our Elderly in Nursing Homes

COVID-19 is raging through many nursing homes across the country as I write this post. CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid) has "relaxed" many regulations in nursing homes aS as a response to the crisis. And here in New York State the 2020 budget bill provides immunity from civil and criminal liability to health care facilities and health care professionals for harm or damages related to COVID-19.

These changes are all potentially life threatening to the already frail elderly living in these facilities. We urge families and friends of anyone in a nursing home to be very involved and very vocal about the care their loved ones are receiving.

Medical professionals in nursing homes
COVID-19 in nursing homes

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care are a watch dog organization for Americans living in nursing homes. The are a excellent resource in addition to being advocates for our elderly

They have a page specific to COVID0-19 which is updated daily.

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