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How to Talk to a Loved One Who is Hesitant to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

We often hear many of our clients and family members are hesitant to take the COVID vaccination; we found that a lot of the reasons why seem to fall into about four main areas. It maybe helpful to have information to respond to hesitant folks with.

1) Concern about side effects

Most people have had no side effects at all. When they do have side effects they are usually mild headache, fever, tiredness, soreness at the injection site. These side effects actually tell you that the vaccine is doing it's job and working to develop immunity to the virus.

2) Concern about getting COVID from the vaccine

This is scientifically impossible to occur. There is no live virus in the vaccine therefore impossible to contract the disease from the injection.

3) They developed it too fast, they skipped steps...

All the necessary protocols were take, no steps were skipped. There was a lot of red tape cut out which significantly reduced the time required for approval.

4) I have a underlying condition - I can't get the vaccine...

People who are immune supressed or other medical conditions are especially vulnerable to COVID. If you are concerned that you shouldn't take the vaccine speak to your doctor.

The CDC has a number of helpful pages on their website that can help you learn more information about the vaccinations.

Following is a video that explains how the vaccine works without insulting your intelligence. Simple and to the point and I certainly know more since watching it.

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