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Gramma smoking a joint

Marijuana will be legal in New York State very soon! How times have changed! Or as my favorite lyric from the Grateful Dead says "Oh what a strange trip it has been....." the baby boomer have seen it all - from marijuana being the "evil weed" to legalization. So what are the implications of this for the senior set? The New York Times just posted an interesting article on this very topic!

Unfortunately the jury is still out on the range of medical benefits this "herb" can offer - hopefully legalization will bring with it more funding for research. There are already plenty of older folks who use marijuana in some form for the side effects of chemo treatments, for arthritis and other pain, for anxiety, depression... the list goes on and goes on. The Times reported "Last spring, an analysis based on the National Survey of Drug Use and Health found that marijuana use in the prior year among people over 65 had jumped 75 percent from 2015 to 2018". Legalization will make it much easier to obtain and hopefully a lot safer from pesticides and other toxins in many of the "street" drugs today.

If your interested you can read the entire bill currently being review by the state finance committee.

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