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Community Medicaid Program Cuts

New York State’s Medicaid Long Term Care for community based elderly has been a highly effective program that has enabled many seniors to have home health aides and other services in their homes.   However with cuts to the budget announced on March 31, 2020 funds to these programs have been severely cut back. The bottom line- many elderly who would have been eligible for this program will no longer be eligible as of October 1, 2020.  The impact on many elderly and their families will be devastating. If you apply before the October 1st  deadline you can still qualify.

What changes are we talking about?

  • 2.5 Year “Look Back” There will now be a 2.5 year “Look Back” for Community Medicaid applications.  This means you will need to have copies of ALL financial documents,  transactions, statements going back 2.5 years of the date of the application.  Any transaction over $2,000 MUST be fully explained.  You cannot set up a trust during this 2.5 years- if you do it will be considered a countable asset.

  • Stringent Criteria for Home Health Aide Services  under the new guidelines an applicant will need at least three deficits in their daily living skills (bathing, eating, “transferring”(ambulating), dressing, toileting….) Many applicants will no longer be eligible under these guidelines.  Level aides that helps with shopping, laundry…. are being eliminated. 

  • Restrictions on the Consumer Driven Program this program that allows you find and hire your own aide (including family members) will have additional limitations placed on it. 

What can you do now?  

  • If you are a senior in need of home based services and cannot afford it own your own - apply NOW for this Medicaid program. If you submit the application you will fall under the current guidelines.  We are Medicaid application specialists in New York State.  We can help you apply for this valuable program.  Call us for a free consult at 914-420-2438 or email us.

  • Contact your local and state representative and tell them your story - why you or your family member needs this vital program.

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