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As you get older you need more water!

As we age we need to drink more water. The Journal of Physiology published a research paper in 2020 supporting this theory. As we age our bodies don't regulate body heat, sweating, hydration, and thirst as well as younger bodies. This leads to many seniors not drinking enough fluid which can lead to many medical issues ranging from urinary track infections, increased heart rate, cognitive changes and many more.

Here are some ideas of how to get your loved one to drink more on a daily basis:

  1. Offer different types of fluid - juices, seltzers, herbal teas, broths..... these can be cold or warm!

  2. Make popsicles - these can be lots of fun to make from favorite juices, herbal teas.....

  3. Keep water readily available - keep bottles of water close at hand and in easy reach for your loved one.

  4. Make the beverages pretty! get creative, make some "mocktails"

  5. Special Equipment - two handed cups, straws, water bottles.....

  6. Set up a timed schedule- like at the top of every hour, or with every television commercial....

  7. Use a app - of course there are apps for reminding you to drink more water!! My favorite is one called "Plant Nanny App" which has a cute little plant that grows more every time you take a drink.

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