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Arbitration in Nursing Homes - what is this?

When a loved one is placed in a nursing home families are presented with a stack of papers they are asked to sign. Most families of course will sign all the documents immediately to ensure their loved one gets the best possible care. However, most families also will not read all the fine print in these documents and there may be a price to pay.

Many nursing homes now include pre-dispute arbitration agreements in these packets. These agreements take away your right to hold your nursing home accountable in court for any potential negligence or wrongdoing. “Pre-dispute” arbitration agreements require you to give up this right before the harm even occurs so you will never have the chance to decide if going to court is the right option for you. Please note that you do not have to sign this particular document!! Put a big X over that particular page and hand it back to to the admisson's person.

The video above was created by The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care which is the leading national voice representing consumers in issues related to long-term care, helping to ensure that consumers are empowered to advocate for themselves. They are a primary source of information and tools for consumers, families, caregivers, advocates and Ombudsmen to help ensure quality care for the individual.

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