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Staying Connected

For the third time this year I helped a family place a loved one with dementia into a nursing home. Every single time I work with families doing this it is simply heart wrenching and heart breaking for all the family members. And in New York now with COVID-19 visitation restrictions family members cannot even help their loved one move into the facility. It is like being taken to prison. #nursinghomes

Staying connected with someone with dementia is hard, with memory loss continuing to worsen over time they forget so much of their lives. We all do the best we can from a distance now- touching hands through the window glass, video chats, letters and cards from the grandkids can mean so much right now. AARP writes of how critical it is for family caregivers to stay as connected as possible. One of the solutions they recommend is participation on family councils. Family councils are mandated under Federal law, if one doesn't exist currently at the nursing home- tell administration you want one started immediately.

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