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This is "National Family Caregivers Month"!

National Family Caregivers Month

This is "National Family Caregivers Month"

Above all caregivers need support, support means not just emotional support but much more than that- they need help with the thousands of tasks they have to do on a daily basis, time to themselves - to be alone, financial help.....

tAs a Geriatric Care Manager part of my job is to help caretakers make their lives easier. I am there to listen: to be a sounding board or someone to just to vent their pent up feelings. What they need the most are resources, a lot of resources, from financial to medical to benefits to home care services.

November being their month, there is a particular large amount of resources coming out for caretakers.

Here are a few---

The VA Caregiver Support Program has published "Happy National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM)!" If your loved one is a veteran the VA may be able to help. They offer a wide range of help from direct financial to support.

The Alzheimer's Association is a huge organization that offers a lot of help to caregivers. And your loved one doesn't have to have Alzheimers in order to make use of their service. Check out their webpage for caregiver's month.

The Parkinson's Association is another fabulous organization with much to offer caregiver. Here's their page for this month

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