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It's that time of year!!

Getting your flu shot
It's time for your annual flu shot!

Yes, it is late September, up here in the North East the leaves are starting to change, the temperature is cooler and it's time to get our flu shots!

Just because we are still in the middle of a pandemic and we are staying in doors and away from other people does not mean you can't catch the flu. Yes, your chance of getting the flu is reduced but not totally gone. In 2020 there were fewer people getting sick from the flu, however anyone over 65 is still vulnerable to contracting the flu and getter sicker from it than a younger person.

I cannot stress how important it is for older folks to get the flu shot, our immune systems just don't work that great as we get older. We can now get a special flu shot just for the elderly and others with compromised immune systems. This "high dose" flu shot is stronger and provides more protection than the regular flu shot.

Did you know the flu shot (even the high dose shot) is totally covered by Medicare part B! AARP has recently published a article discussing more specifics about the high dose

Flu vaccines are so easy to get - go to your local drug store, supermarket with a pharmacy, your doctor..... AARP published a listing of the different locations you can get a flu shot locally.

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